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Our recent work on an ultrathin nanocellulosic ion redistributor for long-life zinc anode was published in The Innovation Materials. Congratulations to Jing Huang and Le Yu!

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Recently, an ultrathin cellulose nanofiber layer was constructed as an ion redistributor to regulate the distribution of zinc ions and their deposition behavior in aqueous zinc-metal batteries, which can significantly inhibit the growth of zinc dendrites, prolong the cycle life, and improve the plating/stripping reversibility of zinc anodes. The work, "An ultrathin nanocellulosic ion redistributor for long-life zinc anode", was published in the journal The Innovation Materials. Jing Huang, a Ph.D. student of in the class of 2022, and Le Yu, an associate researcher in the group, are the co-first authors. Le Yu, and Prof. Chaoji Chen are the co-corresponding authors.

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